August 20th, 2007

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Marry Me, Patrick

Title : "Marry Me, Patrick."
Summary : Pete's logic isn't all logical to Patrick.
Author : keenoled
Rating : Some cursing. PG? I have no idea how the ratings work.
Author's Notes : megyal prompted fic to cheer her up. I picked the
wedding prompt. Ficlet. Short. Not beta'd.

Also. Is anyone other than me going to the Decaydance thing in Paris on Tuesday?

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Falling Up

Title: Falling Up
Author: vinylsigns, posted at my writing journal ladyofthequill
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2,698
Warnings: Angst, cussing, mentions of sex stuffs *shrug*
Disclaimer: Not mine!!! *is uncreative*
Summary: Yet another fic inspired by this prompt from lafeelivresque:

'There was this one part where the main character, who is this architect, is sitting on a boat with his best friend, who is a newspaper tycoon. And the newspaper tycoon says that the architect is a very cold man. The architect replies that if the boat were sinking, and there was only room in the lifeboat for one person, he would gladly give up his life for the newspaper tycoon. And then he says something like this...
"I would die for you. But I won't live for you."'
Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower, referring to The Fountainhead

It totally kicked my ass for a long time, but this is one of many, many fics I’ve come up with. One that’s not totally insane, and pretty comprehend-able. Also, big importance: it’s written in second person, Patrick’s perspective. *facepalm* Bear with me. And the title is taken from a book of poems by Shel Silverstein.

To die and to live are often used in the same vein of expressing love"
i caved
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The (After) Life of the Party [11/?]

Title: The (After) Life of the Party [11/?]
Author: xxdance
Fandom(s): Fall Out Boy/Panic! At the Disco
Pairing: Pete/Ryan, Pete/Patrick.
Summary: Ryan's just another dead starlet. Patrick's just another overworked detective. Pete's just another shady character. Sort of.
Rating: R. [Violence, drug use, language.]
Warnings: Crack. Slash. Language. Violence. Drug use.
Author's Note: whatchamacall1t is pretty much the reason this story exists. She's a nillion kinds of amazing and everyone should tell her so, because honestly, I couldn't do it without her. :D

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