September 25th, 2006

L.A. Sunrises (standalone, for the ficathon)

Title: L.A. Sunrises
Author: imaginaryhorses
Summary: Pete looks back on five years with a squad of crazy, crazy fools.
Rating: PG, I'd say. Sorry to disappoint. ;)
Author's Note: For the Amazing, Talented and Wonderful jenish, who was unlucky enough to have the world's worst procrastinator (that'd be, um, me) writing for her for the patrickxpeter ficathon. I'm so sorry for the lateness! I tried to make up for it by using every last one of your prompts, and I really hope you enjoy this.
Disclaimer: I am a dirty, filthy liar.

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Pun Intended [1/1]

Title: Pun Intended
Band/Pairing: Pete/Patrick (Fall Out Boy)
Rating: R, to be safe. [Language]
Summary: One morning, Patrick woke up as a pencil.
Disclaimer: Um. Does Patrick look like a pencil to you?
POV: Third person.
Word Count: 3,664.
Author's Note: CRACK. wtf27 prompt 003 - Transformation (inanimate).. And I don't write like Pete. So those journal entries? Yeah, they don't sound like his writing style in the slightest.

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