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Title: Trick's, Breathing, and Rock 'n Roll
Author : Belle Rose, because I think I’m cool like that.
Rating : PG-ish I’m not good with ratings so I’m not sure but there’s no cursing in this one.
Summary : Pete has to go to a "correctional facility"
A/N: Sorry it took awhile, and love to all the people who commented.
The other chappy's are
Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

That whole week Pete barely saw Patrick. During class they sat at different ends of the room. Pete in the 3rd row, 2nd seat to the left. And Patrick in the 4th row, 5th seat to the left. Pete thought he was imaging things, but he felt Patrick‘s gaze on him and he dare not look back. One day he did and caught Patrick‘s stare. It was a look of sorrow, lust and most definitely heartfelt. But in the blink of an eye, it was gone and became a look of hatred, cold, and heartless nonetheless. Pete felt he was faking that one though.
During lunch, Patrick sat with his so called “friends.” Pete knew they weren’t his real friends. No one knew him. Pete could tell. His eyes were so fake when he laughed or smiled. He mastered it though. Just as fake as relationships Pete thought.
And every single time, Patrick awoke before him and left, making sure Pete did not see or hear him. Patrick knew what Pete would ask him if they were alone and that Pete did not dare wake him up. And before Pete got in after class, Patrick was allegedly asleep in his bunk, or out really late with his ‘friends.’ Pete knew he wasn’t asleep though, but felt he shouldn’t say anything. If he did so much to stay away might as well not make him feel anymore awkward right? And when Pete thought this he immediately got rid of that thought thinking about when they first met and how wonderful it was. When Pete cared, Pete cared. Very scary and unlikely which is what freaked him out the most. Pete did the best he could to not say anything to Patrick, thank god he stayed away. Pete still hadn’t found trustworthy friends to back him up just incase he slipped around Patrick which was not good considering he had been there for almost a week. This was definitely going to be hard for him.
Now it seemed to switch. At first, Patrick was avoiding Pete, now Pete was avoiding Patrick. Patrick felt somewhat hurt although he wasn’t sure why. He barely even knew Pete, let alone talk to him. Patrick also wasn’t exactly nice to Pete in the beginning if you remember correctly.
It was only a matter of time before Pete found out everything and Patrick finally had someone to trust.

Sorry it’s really short but I procrastinate sorry but that’s like my 3rd middle name. Lol Comments are panda shaped cookies…oh and does anyone know how to make the hearts because I’m kind of lethargic when it comes to html lol yeah I’m gonna go…
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