Pete/Patrick, 2400 words, R

Title: Loving You is So Two Years Ago
Author: Lexie
Fandom: Bandslash (Fall Out Boy)
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, mentions of Pete/Ashlee, Ryan/Spencer, Ryan/Keltie.
Rating: Light R
Word Count: 2,468
Summary: It's been two years since Fall Out Boy broke up, and for all intents and they don't exactly talk anymore, with so many things left unsaid.
Warnings: Annnnggggsssstttt. So much angst.

When they were in a band together, it was so easy...

No Big Deal

Title : No Big Deal [1/14.5]
Summary : Pete Wentz never expected to get pregnant.
Author : almightyonion
Pairing : Various to come 
Rating : pg-13 for this part, will be nc-17 all over
Author's Notes : Longest fic I've ever written, I will update probably twice a week. Title subject to change.

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Title: Curious
Author: littlblackghost
Pairing: Pete/Patrick
Rating: NC17
Warnings: Underage drinking,
Disclaimer: I'm a liar.
Summary: "Paaaatrick?" Pete says, lying on his stomach, shoulders and arms hanging over the bed as he watches Patrick with the guitar in his lap.
"Have you ever thought about kissing another dude?"

Also at AO3.

This was written as part of my December Fic Fest. zeelsama gave me the prompt bi-curious.

Little Black Dress

Title: Little Black Dress
Summary: Patrick has a crossdressing fetish and Pete catches him in the act.
Author: almightyonion
Rating: NC-17
Author's Notes: For sorta kink challenge I'm putting myself through, feel free to request a kink for peterick from this list here and I'll see what I can do...

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art: first time for everything

first time for everything
by justtothesea
for gcbenjigal
pairing: Pete/Patrick
rating: NC-17
notes/warnings: Lissa requested some P on P action, which is what I'm usually in the mood for anyway, thus van days blowjob. Judging by the hair Patrick is about 15, 16? Underage, idk.
summary: One messily drawn/coloured panel of Patrick going down on Pete. Set in the van days, or something, their hair is a good enough timestamp.

on LJ | on AO3
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Let It Enfold You [3/13]

Author: J.D. McCool
Title: Let It Enfold You [3/13]
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Gabe/William, Gerard/Adam, Gerard/Mikey, Brendon/Ryan
Rating: R
Word Count: 4,098
Beta: stones_at_moons
Warning: Non-con, Character death, incest, violence, drug use, kidnapping.
Author Notes: Not real. Don't own them. Wish I did, but, eh. What can you do? And this series is not for the faint of heart. Or those who hate people dying by the bucket load. Happy Halloween.
Summary: Rising to his feet though, Patrick had to grip Pete’s shoulder to keep the room from spinning so violently. He really didn’t think he had had so much, but maybe he was wrong. Rubbing at his eyes in a futile attempt to make the world stop moving, he groaned.

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Like the Way It Hurts

Author: J.D. McCool
Title: Like the Way It Hurts
Pairing: Pete/Patrick, Gabe/William
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,936
Author Notes: Not real. Don't own them. Wish I did, but, eh. What can you do? Abusive relationship implied
Summary: Surprisingly, Patrick looked flushed and exhausted instead of angry. He was dressed casually for once, making him look so much younger and like the boy Pete had tricked into such a miserable life so many years ago back when Patrick had potential to be anything. Back when Pete thought they could live happily ever after together, even though that was so obviously wrong.

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Semi Final Countdown

Author: J.D. McCool
Title: Semi Final Countdown
Pairing: Peterick
Rating: PG-13 for swearing
Word Count: 1,795
Author Notes: Not real. Don't own them. Wish I did, but, eh. What can you do? 
Summary: And Patrick looked at him, nodded sagely and said as number twenty-one came on, “If you got a lot of problems, I feel bad for you son. I got ninety-nine problems but a bitch ain’t one.”
Tim Is Judging You
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Dirty Little Secret

Author: J.D. McCool
Title: Dirty Little Secret
Pairing: Peterick
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2,622
Author Notes: Not real. Don't own them. Wish I did, but, eh. What can you do? 
Summary: And Pete should’ve known that Gabe would tell Mikey because he was Mikey Way and Gabe was Gabe fucking Saporta. People who’s names had to be said in full and with emphasis were always the first to gossip to each other.